Old Board Book

Its finally a lot less hot and humid today. About 68 compared to almost 90! The past few days have been a little irritating because I have not gotten much


Last night I was up until about 12:30, plying this yarn. Not that is took that long, but after a nice bath and some reading, I felt like playing with

Rainy Day Again

No art market b/c it was a rainy day. Which I was actually GLAD for. Because #1, I could sleep in and #2, I didn’t have much to sell, thanks

Oh Dear God

If its possible, our doggie just got cuter. We took her to her first groomer’s appointment, since her hair was so long. We felt like she needed a good buzz for the summer, and did she get one?!

Knitgrrl a comin’!

Knitgrrl a comin'!

I figure that since we are meeting in the morning, I can butter her up with coffee and bagels. here is some yarn I made. The first I call Brick House.

Time to get a drum carder

My poor hands! Its not that they hurt, its like when you rake leaves in the fall, you know, the blisters on your hands that eventually turn to a callous.