knit-workMost women when asked would not know how or what to reply when asked why they love knitting. It is not something they often think about as you either can do it and love it or dislike it or cannot knit. Many years ago, everybody could knit and it was one of the first things mothers taught their daughters and even schools offered knitting as part of home economics, which was part of the school curriculum. In modern day, it is computers and kids play games online, parents gamble online at places such as or frequent social media sites such as facebook, twitter or instagram instead of reverting to old-fashioned knitting. Knitting in fact can be incredibly complex and contradictory when looking at it in-depth.

For example, knitting can be both traditional and trendy at the same time and be both mathematical and creative. Furthermore can it be very expensive or done on a tight budget, and even though you can do it alone, it could be a very social pastime. It can be either frustrating and also very relaxing and meditative and incredibly complex or perfectly simple, it is quick and easy to learn while it could potentially takes time to master. This merely touch the base of what knitting could and could not be and what it could mean to you. However looking at knitting it is such a strong link to past generations and linking one another.

Can you remember your old baby blanket, own a blanket, or baby jersey that your grandmother or great grandmother have knitted lovingly or do you wrap your own baby in a hand knitted blanket? To most of us, especially the “knitters” knitting is so much more than interlinked loops of yarn or wool that forms a fabric. It is remembering sitting at your grannies knee watching the needles and threads making beautiful things.