Do you like yarn so much that you wish that you had your own personal spinner who would send you an 4 oz. skein of animal friendly yarn per month? A skein that is available to Dizzy Society Members only? Well, your wish is granted.

Welcome to the very exclusive Dizzy Society, a sort of yarn-of-the-month club for crafters. Please feel free to read through the information to decide if you would like to become a member.


  • Dizzy Society yarn is hand dyed, carded and spun by Holly Klump of She buys wool only from small farms that treat their animals humanely. She spins cotton as well, and only spins organic cotton. Holly is not a goody-two-shoes, but does care about animals and the environment.
  • The skein of yarn will be sent to your home the first week of every month via USPS First Class. Shipments to members who live in Canada will be sent regular mail. Other international members must contact misshawklet before signing up for permission or additional shipping charges.
  • The more months you sign up for at one time, the less you pay per skein.
  • You also get free stuff like a membership card, a Dizzy Society sticker, and exclusive stitch markers, depending on what package you sign up for.


IMPORTANT: The Dizzy Society will begin in October! Sign up anytime but know that the first shipment will not be until the first week of October!

  • Members sign up for three month increments.
  • Shipping is included in pricing.
  • I accept payment via paypal or money order.
  • misshawklet chooses the yarn color schemes, but members receive the same yarn. The yarn might be wool, or cotton, or a blend, two ply, one ply, etc. Check out for my yarn “style”.
  • Yarn must be sent to ONE ADDRESS ONLY. (Unless you move, of course.) In other words, it is not ok to sign up with friends and ship to a different address each month.
  • Yarn bought through the Dizzy Society may not be counted towards punches on misshawklet yarn punch cards.
  • Your memberships begins the month after you sign up. If you order yarn after the 15th of the month, membership will begin one and half months later. (ie: If you order on Dec 4, the first order will be shipped the first week in January. If you order on December 22, the first order will be shipped the first week of Feb.)
  • Member “benefits” will be sent on your first yarn shipment.
  • Sneak peeks of upcoming yarns may be viewed on this page, but will only be available for the upcoming month.


3 month membership

  • 3 skeins of yarn (1 per month)
  • membership card
  • Dizzy Society sticker
  • $48 including shipping

6 month membership

  • 6 skeins of yarn (1 per month)
  • free shipping!
  • extra benefits above
  • free shipping on next misshawklet order
  • $86 including shipping

9 month membership

  • 9 skeins of yarn (1 per month)
  • extra benefits above
  • set of 4 exclusive Dizzy Society stitch markers
  • $115 plus free shipping

One year membership

  • 12 skeins of yarn (one per month)
  • extra benefits above
  • free custom skein of yarn! (wool/up to 3 colors/4 oz./must be ordered within time of membership/allow one month for shipment)
  • $135 plus free shipping