93fd16afWhat a good day! Not “productive” per se but fun.

My friend Sara came by and we went to my farm (the one I get a farm share at) and picked red red organic strawberries. mmm!

I picked about 5 pounds. I’m thinking dacquaris and then freezing the rest.

Then we stopped to the junk store, and I totally scored. First, what I think is a giraffe (?) incense holder maybe? (It has little holes on the top of its body). I’m going to use it for holding my ribbon.

Last, on the way out, I spotted a huge inflated teridactyl hanging. I asked how much it was, and it was only $6! Had to have it. If you stand it on its wing, it almost touches the ceiling.


Then Nate got home from work and we went on a long bike ride, through some trails, went swimming in the lake, and then picked up our farm share on the ride home. Nice day.

62e8babbThe only thing about the teridactyl is that when I opened the door, the cat was slinking around and being all weird. Then I realized it was the hanging thing! I picked him up to show him, and he hissed, jumped out of my arms, and jumped out the window. 🙁 Poor guy! I hope he gets used to it. I’d hate to have to take it down. I have to admit, it was pretty frickin funny.

Ok, I’m all shaking and talking too much, off to find dinner!