My poor hands! Its not that they hurt, its like when you rake leaves in the fall, you know, the blisters on your hands that eventually turn to a callous. Well, mine never blistered, but they are forming a nice callous!

antique-drum-carder-5I think it looks tough though.

I’m really sorry about my empty shop, but thank you all who have signed up for the punch card so far. I need to update my front page and send out a newsletter to tell everyone as well.

I have the next few days free so I’m going to work on some spinning. I think I need to do the dying at night though, b/c its WAY too hot to be heating water in my non-AC upstairs apartment when its 90 outside!

I don’t think I’ll make it to the artist market this Saturday, but next! That is for sure. I need to really build some stock up. I love having my own biz, but it sure is one thing after the other. That is a GOOD THING though.

ok, off to do stuff!